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What is the Mercy College Maverick Club?
The Mercy College Maverick Club is the athletics fundraising arm of Mercy College. The goal of The Mercy College Maverick Club is excellence - in the pursuit of academic and athletics success. The Mercy College Maverick Club provides an opportunity for alumni, friends, parents, businesses and other organizations to support Mercy College Athletics.  Annual financial support helps provide Mercy College student-athletes with opportunities to compete at the highest-level in NCAA Division II, both regionally and nationally.  Gifts to The Mercy College Maverick Club help to enhance scholarship opportunities, improve facilities, boost recruiting, and provide additional program support. Donors have the opportunity to make restricted gifts to any of Mercy College's 10 intercollegiate sports teams, recreation/intramurals, sports medicine/athletic training, marketing/communications or may make an unrestricted gift to The Mercy College Maverick Club, which provides support for all athletics and recreation programs. Comprehensive gift club levels will appropriately recognize donors for their generosity and support.


Direct Contributions
Direct contributions are the most common method of giving to The Mercy College Maverick Club.  Your donation is deductible on your income tax return for the year in which you make the gift.  Gifts of cash (check or credit card) are the most simple and most direct form of giving.  You may leave your gift unrestricted to support the Athletics Department in general or restrict your gift for a specific sport or program.

Matching Gifts
Many companies have matching gift programs for contributions of employees.  The Mercy College Maverick Club qualifies for many of the matching-gift programs, and you receive full credit for the total gift on your Maverick Club membership.

Endowed Scholarship Funds
Establishing an endowed scholarship fund is a way to assure continued benefits of a meaningful gift.  The principal gift is protected and its interest income is distributed annually according to the criteria established by the donor. 

Gifts in kind are another popular way to make gifts in support of Mercy College Athletics.  You may claim the gift as a charitable tax deduction of the fair market value of the donated item(s).

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