Terms of Institutional Financial Aid

15.3.2 Terms of Institutional Financial Aid Award


   Written Statement Requirement  In all cases, the institutional agency making the financial aid award shall give the recipient a written statement of the amount, duration, conditions and terms of the award.  The chair of the regular committee or other agency for the awarding of financial aid to students generally, or the chair’s official designee, shall sign or electronically authorize (e.g. electronic signature) the written statement.  The signature of the athletics director, attesting to the committee’s award, does not satisfy this requirement.

(Revised: 1/10/05)


   Hearing Opportunity  The institution’s regular financial aid authority shall notify the student-athlete in writing, within 14 consecutive calendar days from the date the student-athlete has been notified of the decision to reduce or cancel aid during the period of the award or the reduction or nonrenewal of aid for the following academic year, of the opportunity for a hearing when institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability is reduced or canceled during the period of the award, or not renewed.  The notification of the hearing opportunity shall include a copy of the institution’s established policies and procedures for conducting the required hearing, including the deadline by which a student-athlete must request the hearing.  The institution shall conduct the hearing within 30 consecutive calendar days of receiving a student-athlete’s request for the hearing and shall not delegate the responsibility for conducting the hearing to the university’s athletics department or its faculty athletics committee.  (Adopted: 1/12/04, Revised: 1/8/07 effective 8/1/07, 1/14/08 effective 8/1/08.